Chirp Files

Chirp file for the Grants Pass Oregon area that includes, HAM, Public Service, MURS and GMRS. The settings have been adjusted for GMRS licensed operators only. It will not allow you to transmit on the HAM or Public Services frequencies. But you still can listen. The local GMRS repeaters are also included, which enables you to transmit on.         Baofeng GMRS License Only. Public Service and HAM are there also but TX has been prohibited. This file can also be uploaded to the Anytone 778      Luiton 316 file. Channels 9,10,11 and 12 are the repeaters. 1-8 are FRS, 13-16 are FRS.

9 - NV725

10 - IV550

11 - ELK675

12 - BALDY 575