Up Coming EVENTS

/// POTLUCK ///

Date: Saturday May 11th

AmRRON bi-annual GMRS Potluck 4:30 PM

Bobs House


On Saturday May 25th starting at 7PM we will be having another message handling exercise. Please go to soamrron.com and using the menu go to the forms page and download the 1st form you see titled “message handling”. It is important you familiarize yourself with the form. Also download the message handling help doc.

The SKED (schedule) is as follows

CB3 7 PM

FRS3 7:15 PM

MURS3 7:30 PM

146.420 8:00 PM

WRDY409 (W4WAC) will be initiating the message at the times noted above. The people he sends it to is to reach out and attempt to send it to as many people as possible and so on. Doug will attempt to send it to more than one person. Be sure to follow the directions from the downloaded help document and follow it exactly. In a real world situation someone’s life may depend on the accurate information.