Status Report (STATREP)

I keep hearing people say STATREP Green. What does that mean?

A STATREP gives all people listening a snapshot of how our county is doing, and provides us with an opportunity to help each other.

There are 7 categories in a STATREP

1.    POWER

2.    WATER



5.    COMMS


7.    INFORMATION (outside information)

a.    If someone ask you for a STATREP and all the categories for you are good you just respond with your call sign followed by the word GREEN

b.    There are two other colors, yellow and red.

c.    If every category for you is green with the exception of power, and you are experiencing rolling blackouts with the grid you would just answer “POWER YELLOW”. If the grid is completely down, you might say “POWER RED” and possibly add the word “backup” if you have it. There is no need to go through the entire categories if the others are green. If you’re experiencing problems in more than one category then just follow suit.