Southern Oregon AmRRON Radio net


You can check in on Sunday any time before 6:30 PM.

Southern Oregon AmRRON GMRS Radio Net

Thank you for your interest in the Southern Oregon AmRRON Radio Net which began in March of 2021. It is hosted currently on three separate but linked GMRS repeaters. The NV725, the IV550 and the Elk repeater are all linked. Click on the repeaters tab above for technical information. Please wait at least one full second or two after keying the radio before you speak or your first few words will not come through. If you here a tone after someone is talking that means they are using a different repeater then you.

This net has grown like crazy and as of this writing 02/09/2023 the average number of check-ins on the repeater is around 60 people. Add another 75 people or so to the Channel 3 Project check-ins led by JJ, Wes, Jim, Dave and Kameron, and it can take a while so please be patient with us. The Cave Junction area is also holding Channel 3 check-ins on Monday night following their net at 7PM. The CB portion is also a growing success thanks to some very dedicated CB operators in our area. 101 Mechanic and Roger. I am honestly humbled by the professionalism and dedication of these faithful operators.

AmRRON stands for the American Redoubt Radio Operators Network and is a nationwide disaster preparedness network made up of patriot-oriented radio operators. We are here to help during times of disasters and civil defense. Everyone is welcome, and if you’re a God Fearing, Freedom Loving, Patriot Oriented Radio Operator then Welcome Home! 

GMRS does require a license to operate and costs $35 with the FCC, but unlike Ham Radio there is no testing required, and the license is good for your family as well for ten years. You can however listen to us on FRS channel 22 (the output repeater frequency of NV725) if you like and discover if it is something you want to get involved with.

Net Control Stations (NCS)





Every Sunday at 7PM you can check in with either NV725, ELK675 or IV550. They are all linked. As well as Klamath Falls.

At the end of the net check-in portion the following occurs and we call it the Channel 3 Project.

1.      We take check-ins from anyone on FRS/GMRS channel 3.

2.      Then we take check-ins from anyone on MURS channel 3.

3.      After that we take check-ins on 146.420 which requires a Ham Radio license.

4.      Prior to the net from 6:30 to 6:45 PM check-ins are taken on CB Channel 3 for the Grants Pass area, from           6:45 to 7:00 pm is the CB3 portion to Medford Oregon.

The goal of this net is to equip all citizens in Southern Oregon to be able to have and share information during a disaster or extended power/communications outage. To further that goal it’s also important to cultivate relationships with like-minded neighbors using the CH3 Project.

In a real county or city wide disaster and the repeaters aren’t working or are being used for emergency traffic only…..

The CH3 Project is as easy as 1,2,3

1= every hour top of the hour

2= 2 minutes before to 2 minutes after, turn on your radio

3= On Channel 3, FRS, MURS and CB, listen first and make contact if you feel comfortable with who is on the other end. Offer or get help.

During the net we also give an Intelligence Report called the AmRRON Intelligence Briefing detailing world, regional and local events.

If you are a Ham radio operator you will feel very welcome as there are many Hams that check into our nets. If you are a CB guy, we welcome you as well. This radio net is inclusive not exclusive. All can participate as some level. If you have a GMRS license you can use the repeaters mentioned above. If you are a Ham you can use 146.420. If you hold no license you can check in on CB3, FRS3 or MURS3.

Please visit to review the rules of conduct.

Listen in and see if you like what you hear!